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A Bit About Us... 

And then we want to learn about YOU.

Why we are 


Megan is an Idaho native who grew up in the beautiful mountains of McCall, Idaho. Megan has always been passionate about love and relationships, which is what led her to become a marriage and family therapist. Megan felt led to start Find Your Squeeze when she realized the huge need for people to find mates based on qualities and true compatibility, not physical appearance, which seems to be the focus in today's online dating world. She has a huge desire to go back to the 'old ways' of actually dating in person. Thus, Squeeze was born!

Megan's faith and personal relationship with Jesus is the cornerstone of everything she does, and she has a strong desire for you to meet others who share your faith and values so you can grow in Christ together!

Megan will be the one creating your matches, and it's her fervent prayer that God uses her to bring you to YOUR 'main squeeze!' Megan still works at her private Christian therapy practice, Vessel Christian counseling, and enjoys spending time with her  loved ones doing all of the fun and amazing things Idaho has to offer! She also loves cooking, Latin dancing, theater, live music, long walks on the greenbelt, and anything in the arts! She and her 'Squeeze' of 12 years have their 'hands full of love' with 3 small children. Megan wants to give all thanks and glory to Christ, her Savior, for this, and all, opportunities and blessings. Don't hesitate to say 'hello!' to Megan at one of our events! 

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