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Find Your Squeeze
in the City of Trees

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Megan Guillen-Diaz

Why our events are 

-Megan created our curated extensive questionnaire based on her clinical knowledge and specialization of couple's work. 

-We are the only local business that is matching members for personally matched mini-dates at events instead of speed dates (no diss to speed dating, we think it's great! We just had a different calling). 

-Our 'mini-dates' are 20 minutes, unlike the 4-7 minutes at speed dating events. 

-You get personalized cards from Megan at the event with why she matched you with each person so you know it's intentional and that she is genuinely matching you. 

-Our events are at beautiful venues. We want it to feel like a special night out and give you a reason to get a lil' gussied up! We put a lot of time, effort and money into these events to make them into a beautiful, memorable night for you and we've gotten wonderful feedback from members on this. 

Founder & Matchmaker of Find Your Squeeze, licensed associate Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as owner and therapist at Vessel Christian Counseling and co-founder/owner at Building Christian Marriages

As long I can remember, the Lord has given me the passion, calling and skill to work with couples. It has been an honor and a blessing to be able to turn these callings into a way to support my family. This business is dedicated to the Lord. I don't want to do anything apart from Him! My goal and passion is to love and serve you all with the love of Christ. I always pray over our event as our very first step of the evening. Matches are made by me personally (not a machine or algorithm, usually in a coffee shop over countless hours and cups of coffee, or up in my room after my kids go to bed with a romcom on in the background), and the process of matching literally takes me hundreds of hours. I even make you a personalized sheet as to why I matched you with each person so you know it's intentional and prayed over. I pray I can help you find your Squeeze!

How does this process work?


It's free to sign up and fill out your questionnaire, what have you got to lose?

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