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Most asked questions!

How long after becoming a member until I'm invited to an event?

Wait time is determined by how long it takes for Megan to find you at least 2 true, compatible matches. If you haven't heard from Megan, she hasn't found at least 2 matches for you (yet!). Feel free to reach out to her for questions.

What if I don’t find a match, could I come to another event?

Yes! You may come to subsequent events. Each event will be a separate event fee. Please contact us if you wish to attend another event.

How do you find matches for me?

Megan has thoughtfully put together an exhaustive questionnaire based on qualities and characteristics that she believes (and knows from her clinical experience) will give you a much better chance at finding true, lasting love! You will fill out this questionnaire and be matched based on your compatibility with others who have filled out the same questionnaire.

  • How did you calculate your fees?
    We took a lot of time and troubleshooting to come to our fees. -Our experience is unlike others around the valley. Firstly, we are the only speed (mini, not speed!) dating type business that is full-blown matching you. The only other businesses doing something similar (matchmakers) are HUNDREDS of dollars more (sometimes, thousands!). Making matches takes a TON of time, effort, and intentionality. We're not just throwing a bunch of people together randomly (nothing wrong with that, we just wanted to give a new experience that is tailored to you), we are combing profiles to make matches with others we think you'd actually be compatible with. We will also provide you with a personalized note as to *why* we matched you with each person so you can be assured I'm actually matching you, and, it serves as a great conversation starter! -Secondly, you are being matched by a licensed associate marriage therapist! We feel our matchmaker has a leg up on what it takes to make a relationship work, which is why we created our very own questionnaire based on her expertise. -Thirdly, our events are held at upscale venues around the valley, which also doesn't exist! We want you to feel like you can get a little dressed up and come into a gorgeous space for a SPECIAL night out! You also get 2 drinks tickets and fabulous hors d'oeuvres included with your fee. The cost of all of this is substantial for us, so it is built into our event fee. -Fourthly, we pay to do verified, hardcore background checks. We want to do all we can to ensure your safety and make sure those you are going on dates with are who they say they are!
  • How many dates will I have at this event?
    You will have a minimum of 3 hand-matched dates (possibly more, depending upon the matches we find for you). Remember, you will also get to mingle with anyone you wish, and you will even be able to create your own matches during these mingling times (remember, BOTH people must mark a 'yes' to the other person on your date cards for it to be a match. Giving ANYONE your personal info at the event is NOT allowed and will result in removal from the event).
  • Can I bring a friend with me as a guest?
    No. Only members who have paid and been invited may come to events.
  • Can I come to more than one event?
    Absolutely! You will just pay another event fee for each event you want to attend. If you have already attended an event and wish to attend another, please email us at
  • How long after becoming a member until I am invited to an event?
    This depends on how quickly we have matches for you. As we are new business, it may take awhile in the beginning as we gain members...good things take time! We are doing ALL we can to get the word out. We would appreciate you spreading the word, too! :)
  • Do I have to be a Christian to become a member?
    This service is for those who identify as a Christian, to bring together those of like-minded values. If you are looking for others dating services in the valley, a fun secular one we found is 'Friends First Dating,' check them out!
  • How is this event different from speed dating, online dating, or matchmaking sites?
    Our events are in a class of their own! Unlike traditional matchmaking where you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single date at a time (which could be VERY awkward if they don’t end up being a match!), our mini-dates (at 20 minutes in length) give you much more time than a traditional speed dating event (typically, 7 minutes dates), but without the awkwardness and pressure of one long, singular date on your own. Not to mention at a FRACTION of the cost! In today’s swipe-happy online dating world, you literally have a catalog of people at your fingertips. Unfortunately, many people dismiss potential partners based on looks alone. At our events, we will NOT match you based on physical appearance preferences (we WILL however, match you based on health and lifestyle preferences) as we want you to keep an open mind while searching for a match and get to know people for who they are instead of what they look like.
  • How should I dress for the events?
    We want you to be comfortable. Not everyone likes to get dressed up, and that's ok! You genuinely may wear whatever you wish. Our recommendation is what you would typically wear on a first date to a downtown restaurant.
  • How does the event work? What is the format?
    You will have at least three 20 minute ‘mini-dates’ with potential matches hand-picked by our staff based on your questionnaire answers. Our questionnaires are VERY detailed, and we feel confident that your matches will be quality! You will also have plenty of chance to mingle and make your own matches! You may want to chat more with a date you had earlier, or you may see someone you weren’t matched with but would like to get to know. The choice is yours! If you DO find your own additional ‘match’ at the mingling event, there will be a space on your date card to write that person down as an additional ‘match.’ If they also write your name down, you will be given one another’s contact information from staff in an email after the event.
  • What ages can come to these events?
    The minimum age is 21. There is no maximum age! :)
  • Will there be food and drinks at the event?
    Yes! There will be hors d'oeuvres and two drink tickets (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with additional available for purchase) included as part of your event fee.
  • Are there background checks performed?
    Yes! Your safety is our top priority. We will perform background checks on each potential member. Applicants with a history of violent crimes, sex offenses, those on probation or under restraining orders of any kind will not be accepted as members.
  • How will I know if I’ve been matched with someone I am interested in from the event?
    If two people both mark ‘YES’ to being interested in one another, our staff will email you within 3 days of the event with your match’s contact information.
  • Can I have my phone at the event?
    Yes. However, we want our participants to be fully present during the event without the distraction of a phone. We ask that you do NOT use your phone unless there is an actual emergency.
  • I am nervous I won’t know what to talk about on my mini-dates!
    We’ve got you covered! There will be cards on the tables with ample conversation topics, starters and ideas
  • I am a client with Vessel Christian Counseling. Can I attend an event?
    No. Current Vessel clients cannot attend these events due to ethical reasons. However, once you terminate therapy, you will be eligible.
  • What happens after we’re matched and trade contact information?
    After you have a mutual match and are given contact information, the rest is in your hands! We wish you every success in your matches and would love to hear how it goes!
  • Where will the event be held?
    Each event is held at a beautiful venue. We will send out information on the location prior to the event. Most of our events are held at the enchanting historic Capital City Event Center in downtown Boise.
  • What if some of my dates don't show up?!
    The truth is, we can't control if those who sign up will show up! As this is a paid event service, however, we believe those who sign up will typically show up unless they have a true emergency. As this is out of our control, we will still not offer refunds in this case. If you find yourself without one of your dates, we encourage you to grab a drink and enjoy an hors d'oeuvre until your next scheduled date.
  • I’m separated, but I’m still legally married. Can I come to an event?
    No. You must wait until a divorce is finalized in order to come to an event. Only legally single/widowed/divorced persons are invited to events.
  • I have kids. Can I come to an event?
    Yes! (Please be aware, no childcare is provided at events, and no children are allowed at events). We have questions on our questionnaire that address this, and whether people are willing to date those with children.
  • Can I transfer my membership to someone else?
    No. Our events/memberships are not transferrable to others. However, if you are unable to attend the event you are invited to, you may attend another event in the future instead.
  • I am a member of the LGBTQ+community, will I find matches at these events?
    We are only matching heterosexual men and women.

I’m nervous I won’t know what to talk about on my mini-dates.

We've got you covered! We will have topic cards at each table in case you're feeling stuck in the conversation department. 





Please get in touch with us if your questions have not been answered. We are here to help you find your perfect squeeze!
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