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We took a lot of time and troubleshooting to come to 
our fees. Megan spends literally hundreds of hours
*intentionally* matching and pouring over profiles
as she refuses to use algorithms. This is a deeply spiritually led experience for Megan. In all honesty, Megan desires to *only* be the vessel of matching, and her sincere prayer is for the Lord's leading in each and every match, period.

The only other service that 'matches' you, professional matchmaking businesses, literally charge tens of thousands of dollars. We don't feel comfortable with that. However, we are still a business and so much time, work, intentionality and money goes into our events.

We realize this is an investment. You can set up multiple payment options through Affirm at checkout, or Megan can set up a payment plan for you upon request. If you cancel for any reason, you will be refunded all but $75 as a non-refundable deposit as every time someone cancels, Megan has to re-arrange multiple date cards which can be hours of work and often has to refund other members for the missed date. The $75 will not go towards future events.

Remember, pricing reflects the fact that you can (and members often do) create additional matches yourself throughout the evening and during your intermission group dates. 


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